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The Setlist Perversion

Setlists from over the years...Set list of Paddy Casey's gig in Whelan's, June '99

You know the scene. The last encore has been sung. The artist has left the stage. The house lights have come up and the normal and sane are gyrating towards the bar or the exit. But not everybody. There's always a few isn't there? A few malnourished hyenas who continue to clamour in front of the stage desperately trying to catch the attention of the pony-tailed roadie wearing a 1988 'Napalm Death' tour t-shirt as he chases guitar leads from the amp sockets.

What I'm talking about here, of course, are those on the search for a setlist, that leaf of A4 paper that guided the band through the songs in the right order. It is maybe time I came clear on this one - I too have in my time belonged to such a braying pack. It did not always end in success, however, a few of the instances that I managed to get my paw on the consecrated parchment are documented here along with some setlists submitted by CLUAS readers. From Bryan Adams in the National Stadium in 1986 to U2 in King's Hall in 1987 to REM in Lansdowne Road in 1999 - it's all here. (Eoghan O'Neill).

The Setlists

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