Submitting an article to CLUAS for publication

All the instructions you need to know are below...

Well if you want to see your name appear in digital glory at the end of a CLUAS article then you're in the right place. Yeah, this is the section of from where submissions MUST be sent.

Before submitting an article however we strongly advise you to familiarise yourself with the (excellent) writing guidelines put together by CLUAS writer Aidan Curran. The advice provided in these clear guidelines, if followed, will ensure your article is well-written and will engage the fussiest of readers. In short - take a bit of time to ensure your article adheres to these good writing guidelines.

When you are confident that your article is good enough you can submit it by doing the following:

1) Log in to your cluas user account here:

2) Once logged in to your CLUAS count visit our submission page and submit your article (you must be logged in to get access to the page!)

Once submitted your submission will be reviewed by a sub-editor (you will get feedback within 2 days) and published if up to scratch (we aim to publish within 4 days).