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Bryan Adams- a setlist

National Stadium, Dublin, 18 Dec. '87

bryanadams.gif (22320 bytes)I should really spit this one out. No dilly-dallyin' behind the Bush television. No beating about the yardstick. And certainly no perfunctuous procrastination (apologies). Here it goes. I love Bryan Adams' album 'Reckless'. Done, bullet bit. Only now I'm thinking I should put in a qualifier, yes definitely, a qualifier. I love 'Reckless' but only once every 2.37 years. And then only for 1.02 listens. That covers me. I think.

Anyway I liked it even more back in '87 and a gang of us trooped along to the gig, thinking our acne must be cool because, well, just look at Bryan Adams. Yes, we had straws, and we were clutching. Tightly.

Well, 12 years on there is little you can say without a tinge of that embarrassment associated with your adolescent years, rising in your cheeks and foiling your cover. Better to keep it simple. There was Bryan, there his guitar, he played a few tunes, left the stage  and we, (to our infinite annoyance) were picked up our parents after the gig and driven home. The post-gig consensus though was that his bass player was far too camp for a rock artiste (sic), and he should get a more masculine one. Ah, for the sophisticated & tolerant opinions of adolescent Bryan Adams fans.

Eoghan O'Neill