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Sinead O'Connor- a setlist

Modena, Italy, July 1997

sinead.gif (18969 bytes)The socialist movement in northern Italy is curiously distinguished by being one of the leading organisers of concerts by national and international artists throughout the year. In July 1997 they organised a week of concerts featuring acts such as David Byrne and Sinead O'Connor.

For Sinead's concert there could not have been any more than 2000 of the 10,000 tickets sold but she obviously wasn't peeved, bouncing through her set with a wonderfully endearing smile. The highlights were her cover of Marley's 'Redemption Song', while the unaccompanied "As she moved through the fair"  that closed her set could only have melted the coldest of lefty hearts fortunate enough to have been in attendance that balmy Mediterranean mid-summer evening.

Eoghan O'Neill