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The Waterboys - a setlist

Olympic Ballroom, Dublin, 7 Oct '87

waterboys.gif (26757 bytes)Hot footing it the week after the celebrations of the Inter Cert results we waddled our 15 year old selves along for an audience with Scotland's answer to God. Well, that's what he was to us (but only at the time might I add). Disbelievers knew him as Mike Scott and, on his pilgrimages, his Waterboy disciples followed while we just dallied along somewhere behind them, picking up any scraps (like this setlist) and hoping to be noticed.

The concert? It was the second of two benefit shows they played in the Olympic for the emerging Irish Green movement. A movement that was then dreaming of the prospect of having an elected representative, and, when realised with Roger Garland's unexpected election to the Da? 2 years later, they found themselves reeling in a shock, a shock that almost resulted in them losing any momentum that had been gained.

Anyway, the show itself was a rollicking affair, full of sweat and spittle. And our teenage hearts and minds, they swelled and swooned to the prophecy laid down that night. Well, okay, maybe not quite. But certainly the bit about the Whole of the Moon - we knew all the words to that.

Eoghan O'Neill

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