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CLUAS Writers: profile of Mark Godfrey

Beijing based business reporter who spends weekends listening to what China's rock stars are up to and writing about it for CLUAS. It's a long way from county Mayo. Bands here vary from promising to poor to pure rubbish. But being a rocker in China is an act of defiance. So I admire anyone who straps on a guitar and barks into a mike on a cramped stage for a gang of pogo-ing Chinese who dare not tell their parents what they're up to. Good Chinese kids never play rock n roll. But Second Hand Rose, Thin Man and - the godfather of them all - Cui Jian, went against the grain, got booed and banned off Official stages, yet stuck around and play good music. 'Hao!' to them!

Joined CLUAS: January 2002

Favourite Authors:

Christopher Hitchens, Martin Amis.

Favourite Bands:

Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, New Order, Whipping Boy.

Favourite Films:

Heat, Apocalypse Now, anything by Almodovar.

Some of Mark's articles published on CLUAS:

Bejing Beat Column

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