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CLUAS Writers: profile of Ian Wright

Ian Wright was bored one night, wrote a review and sent it off to Cluas. Finding that he quite enjoyed writing he wrote another one, then another. Pretty crap story eh?

Ian's main function here is to compile, edit and write Cluas? fortnightly gig guide and when there is a quiet couple of weeks coming up he can often be found in front of his computer going ?there is no way in hell I'd go to that but the kids seem to like it?. Due to this he's one of the most published members of the Cluas staff. He's never really got the whole ?Beatles thing, his favourite one was George because his appearance in The Simpsons was the funniest.

Ian is currently trying to leave behind gamekeeping for poaching, he reasons that when his band fails miserably he'll have enough bitterness inside him to be a proper rock hack.

Joined CLUAS: Sept 2004

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