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CLUAS Writers: profile of Dromed

Dromed sold her soul to the Devil for a few lousy bucks to be a gospel-blues singer, but was lured to a rave on the way. She is the first born love child of Aleister Crowley and Ditta Von Tess and loves all things burlesque. She completed a BA in journalism and media management in college, likes bad B-movies, tattoos, men in tight jeans that know how to play guitar and writing about music. She hates Pina Colada and getting caught in the rain.

Joined CLUAS: 19th June 2002

?Babylon and House of Israel? (2 Nov 2003) because it made me scream abuse at my PC!

Favourite Authors:

George Orwell / Aldous Huxley / Chuck Palahniuk / William Burroughs / Martin Amis

Favourite Bands:

Roxy Music /  David Bowie / Air / Interpol / New Order / Mavis Staples / The Von Bondies / Kings of Leon / Lee Hazelwood.

Favourite Films:

The Wicker Man / Clash of the Titans / The Graduate.

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