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CLUAS Writers: profile of Steven O'Rourke

Having spent his formative years in Kildare, Steve has spent the past seven years in Dublin . While there is no firm scientific evidence that Steve was actually the product of a secret relationship between Richard Dawkins and Carly Simon his obsession with their respective fields of expertise has played an important part in helping him find his feet in the world. Away from music, Steve is happiest when waking up in the morning, spending Septembers in Barcelona and scaring strangers with random Anchorman quotes. Steve also pens the 'Key Notes' blog.

Joined CLUAS: August 2006

Favourite Authors:

Nick Hornby, Richard Dawkins, John Connolly.

Favourite Musicians:

Elliott Smith, Future Kings of Spain, The Cooper Temple Clause, The Cure; well that's today's play-list at least.

Favourite Films:

Life of Brian, Anchorman, The Matrix (the first one only mind!) and High Fidelity.

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