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CLUAS Writers: profile of Ronan Lawlor

Frustrated by his friends' apathy every time he tried to "talk shite about music", Ronan decided he needed an outlet for his considered, yet pretentious, musings on today's hot new music. Guided to Cluas by stalwart writer Anthony Morrissey, Ronan has now found his raison d'etre and will continue to force-feed Cluas readers his thoughts on music no-one wants to hear for the foreseeable future. Highlight of his Cluas career to date was interviewing 25% of the Artic Monkeys - ok it was the bass player - before they made it big. Insert Dave Fanning / U2 analogy. Ronan currently lives in Warsaw and longs for a return to the scorching Irish winter.

Joined CLUAS: March 2005

Favourite Bands: the moment... Gorillaz, Jose Gonzalez, Mylo, Air, Pussycat Dolls.

Favourite Films:

Trainspotting, I Went Down, Amelie.

Favourite Authors:

Irvine Welsh, but am not much of a reader.

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