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CLUAS Writers: profile of Rev. Jules Jackson

The Reverend Jules Earl Jackson hails spiritually from below the Mason Dixie line, with forebears which include preachers, snake wranglers and rednecks. He discovered country music on a trip to Galway in his teens, where he heard Stonewall Jackson's 'BJ the DJ'. Since then, he has committed himself to its study and practice with the aid of his trusty Washburn guitar. He is a minister with the Universal Life Church and has officiated at and provided music for the occasional wedding. His song writing has never been implicated in the annulments which followed. There is no truth in the rumour that he is currently co-writing with Daniel O'Donnell.

Joined CLUAS: 22nd April 2004

Some of Jules' articles published on CLUAS:

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Gig reviews...

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Jules also pens the Sound Waves blog and has edited the CLUAS Opinion section. He is also a Moderator on the CLUAS discussion board.

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