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CLUAS Writers: profile of John Ford

John lives with his wife & kids in Oceanside, California (a bit north of San Diego). He is a nurse at a VA (U.S. Dept of Veteran's Affairs) hospital who takes care of vets with HIV/AIDS. In 1973 his brother took him (age 14) to a show by The Who (the Quadrophenia tour) and he was hooked for life. His second musical epiphany was at a Springsteen show in '78. He first wrote about music for CLUAS in 1999 and still continues to do so today (while occasionally straying off into politics).

Joined CLUAS: May 1999

Favourite Bands:

The Beatles, Pete Townsend, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Eels, Beck, Springsteen, Clash & U2.

Favourite Films:

The Searchers, Lord of the Rings, A Hard Day's Night, City Lights, Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Close Encounters

Favourite Books:

Grapes of Wrath, Trinity (he named his son after Conor Larkin), Lord of the Rings, The Sun Also Rises and The Razor's Edge

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