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CLUAS Writers: profile of Gav Reilly

When he's not bumming around UCD, Gav is... actually, scrap that, all Gav does is bum around UCD. Although he keeps himself busy as Secretary of both UCD Students Union and the German Society, a writer for the University Observer and an occasional DJ on Belfield FM. Like to sing and song write but will take years to regain confidence after being cruelly denied a place at the 2005 You're A Star auditions by Brian Ormond. *sob* Random Gav trivia, number 671: Gav represented Ireland at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Tokyo in 2003.

Joined CLUAS: Summer 2003

Favourite Bands:

It's a perennial debate between Radiohead and Oasis. Also Stereophonics, Damien Rice and Bell x1... ask again tomorrow.

Favourite Films:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lost In Translation, The Matrix, Braveheart (in which he was an extra) and Anchorman.

Favourite Authors:

Paul Howard and Sue Townsend. Biographies and autobiographies are more his thing.

Some of Gav Reilly's articles published on CLUAS:

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