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To be honest, although I am a big fan of both Johnny Cash and Ray Charles I was not that hot on their respective biopics 'Walk The Line' and 'Ray'. After seeing them, one after the other, I got the two of them mixed up so similar were they in terms of the base storyline; dirt poor Sourthern boy, guilt ridden over the death of his brother and struggling under the influence of hard ass domineering parents, leaves home to make his way in the music business. So 'Dewey Cox' was, to the say the least, fresh air, skewering the po-faced storytelling and pretensions of those target films in much the same way that MAD magazine would send up big hit movies within its pages. Having said that, any movie which features Lyle Lovett and Jackson Browne doing what they do best, gets my vote. Here is a personal favourite moment from 'Dewey' in which the too sweet by half lovey dovey performance of a certain country music duo is lampooned to great effect.


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