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The Hall of Fame (part 2)

Here below is the second part (check out part 1) of the very best rants and rave from the first 3 years of the CLUAS discussion board (2001 to 2004). On this page you'll find links to memorable discussions on the following topics:

'The Music Industry'
'Recording Technology'
'Digital Music technology'
'The Irish Music Scene'

Music Industry When?
Future of the music industry - Marillion's view... Apr 2004
IRMA vs. CDWOW Jan 2004
Meteor awards 2006 Nov 2005
Mercury Music Prize 2004 July 2004
Venues - a cosy cartel? Sept 2003
Digital Music technology When?
Is the CD single dead? June 2004
Copy Protected CDs Feb 2004
CD copy protection Jan 2004
BBC / BPI Launches New Download Singles Chart Jun 2004
Irish Music Scene When?
Steve Albini & Dublin bands March 2002
Here Comes the Night - what's the real story? May 2004
Bouncers at the Temple Bar Music Centre June 2004
Dublin Music Scene is Dead? March 2004
Irish band of the decade Oct 2002
Best Irish single of 2003 Dec 2003
Open mic nights in Dublin July 2004
The Best Irish albums. Ever. Mar 2004
Best Venue in Dublin? July 2002
Bands When?
Mic Christopher RIP Nov 2001
Syd Barrett RIP July 2006
Grant McLennan RIP May 2006
Arthur Lee RIP Aug 2006
Johnny Cash RIP Sept 2003
Elliot Smith RIP Oct 2003
Damien Clabby RIP Jan 2003
Pixies Feb 2004
Damien Dempsey - yay or nay? Feb 2004
Any Wilco fans? Apr 2004
Josh Ritter? Mar 2004
Republic of Loose Jan 2004
Michael Jackson - Guilty or Not Guilty? Nov 2003
My Bloody Valentine reunion? Feb 2004
Whatever happened to Kula Shaker? Jan 2004
Nina Hynes & The Lyrics Board May 2004
Did Metallica Phone It In @ RDS June 2004
Metallica's San Quentin Blues July 2004
U2's new album stolen/missing? July 2004
No respect left for David Gray... July 2002
Limp Bizkit Guitarist Auditions Feb 2002
The Streets Sept 2002
Whipping Boy - Submarine album Jan 2003
The Smiths May 2003
Smiths - most influential band of last 50 years? Apr 2002
Miscellaneous When?
2004 music predictions Dec 2003's 5th Birthday Gig in Whelan's May 2004
Cars in rock music, where did they go? Feb 2004
The rise of dead singers Nov 2003
Do u remember your first gig? Feb 2003
Eurovision Cheese Fest! May 2004
Meeting random famous people.... Feb 2004
Musicians cameos on TV July 2005
Do politics and music mix? June 2004
Most over-rated bands of all time Aug 2005
Verdicts on Oxegen 2004 July 2004
What's easier - Positive or negative songs? Oct 2003
When Are You Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll ? July 2004

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