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CLUAS 1999 Readers' Poll !!!

Best of the 90s (nineties)

A peculiar old decade. Excuse us as the old clich?is trotted out but it was a 10 year roller-coaster ride of musical and movie highs and lows. But what stands clear from the cultural landscape of the decade? What groups, songs, albums and films do the CLUAS visitors think captured the spirit of the decade that was the 1990s? The answers are provided below.

Band of the 90s

1 U2
2 Radiohead
4 Massive Attack
5 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Rolling Stone called them band of the 80s and CLUAS readers have decided to stretch them that label for the 90s as well. Radiohead were a secure second. The welcome surprise was to see Nick Cave and his bad, bad Seeds creep in there, just behind Bristol's marvels - Massive Attack.


Album of the 90s

1 'Achtung Baby' U2
2 'The Bends' Radiohead
3 'Nevermind' Nirvana
4 'Automatic for the people' REM
5 'Stone Roses' Stone Roses

The U2 march continues with the reinvention thing that was 'Achtung Baby' nipping Radiohead's 'Bends' as album of the decade. Nirvana and REM follow. And now for the debatable one - the Stone Roses first album. Yes, it was released in the 2nd half of 89. But, facing facts, its impact and influence was clearly on the 90s. The CLUAS readers ranked it as an album that, for them, shaped the 90s and we're slapping it in here accordingly.


Song of the 90s

1 'One' U2
2 'Smells like Teen Spirit' Nirvana
3 'Creep' Radiohead
4 'Losing My Religion' REM
5 'Loser' Beck

This is getting a bit boring now. U2 pick up their 3rd 'Best of 90s' victory here. Four other seminal moments are provided by Beck, Nirvana, Radiohead and their mates REM.


Best Film of the '90s

1 Trainspotting
2 Schindler's List
3 Pulp Fiction
4 Reservoir Dogs
5 Shawshank Redemption

Any film that brings Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' and Iggy's 'Lust for Life' to a wider audience deserves a loving touch. The CLUAS voters obliged voting 'Trainspotting' the film of the decade. Check out the other categories in the 'Best of the 90s' section of the poll.


Other results...

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