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CLUAS 1999 Readers' Poll !!!

The Films Results

Don't do the tragic-bore thing that we did (that is, try and work out how many hours in the last year you sat in cinema auditoriums staring a big white rectangular piece of material lit up with moving splashes of coloured light). It gets a bit depressing and is a sure sign you've lost it. Instead check out the results below for the cinema categories in the Readers' Poll. Enlightening stuff. Almost.

Best Film of '99

1 The Matrix
2 Fight Club
3 The Phantom Menace
4 Go
5 Something About Mary

Nope, there was not a doubt for the CLUAS end-of-year movie dinner-party. Bullet-stopping babes in latex cat suits made the Plat du Jour. Nonetheless 'The Phantom Menace' gate-crashed for dessert while 'Something about Mary' gained admittance at the 11th hour for an after-dinner mint.


Most Disappointing Film of '99

1 The Phantom Menace
2 The Blair Witch Project
3 Eyes Wide Shut
4 Go
5 The Idiots

Oooooh. Clear first and second place here. Kubrick's last movie found few fans out there among the CLUAS constituency. The real surprise though is 'GO'. We're having trouble understanding the votes for that! However, 'The Idiots'? We get ye there.


Best Cinema

1 Savoy
2 Virgin
3 Ster Century
4 Screen

Ah that old lady, the Savoy One. Virgin came close though. Curiously so considering it walked away with the 'Worst Cinema' accolade (see below). All the while, the Screen and IFC stood ground for the non-mainstream screens of Dublin City.


Worst Cinema

1 Virgin
2 Stella Rathmines
4 Classic
5 Gate (Cork)

Ooops. Hosting most of the Dublin Film Festival this year didn't allay any negative impressions among CLUAS voters of Dublin City Centre's only Multiplex, the Virgin. Stella in Rathmines will no doubt take pride in its 2nd placing. Cork readers seem to have a problem or two with the 'Gate' - one to check out on the next trip to the Murphy's Mecca.


Best Film of the '90s

1 Trainspotting
2 Schindler's List
3 Pulp Fiction
4 Reservoir Dogs
5 Shawshank Redemption

Any film that brings Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' and Iggy's 'Lust for Life' to a wider audience deserves a loving touch. The CLUAS voters obliged voting 'Trainspotting' the film of the decade. Check out the other categories in the 'Best of the 90s' section of the poll.


Other results...

Also check out the results for the Music Categories. Then there's the Best of the 90s as chosen by the CLUAS readers. And, of course, all the stuff we've lumped under 'Miscellaneous' (best venues, event of year, pub of year, etc.)