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CLUAS Readers' Poll 1999

Miscellaneous Stuff

The rest of the categories are here. The best'n'worst Venues, the Events and Non-events of the year and - to warm the cockles of your heart chambers - the Best Pubs.

Best Venue

1 Olympia
2 Vicar Street
2 Slane Castle
4 Whelan's
4 Point Depot

The Olympia theatre DublinThe Olympia? It did a fine job this year hosting, as always, a sea of ace gigs - Mercury Rev, Wilco, The Transmission shows, Duran Duran(!), Gomez - we could go on. Vicar Street and Slane both came in joint second. And Whelan's had the pleasure of being joint fourth with the intimate warmth of the Point Depot.


Worst Venue

1 Point Depot
3 Temple Bar Music Centre
4 Olympia
5 Whelan's

Yeah. The voting pattern suggested that this category belonged to the Point. The troubling acoustics of the TBMC seems to have alienated a few gig-going voters this time around. The Olympia, fresh from its success as 'Best Venue', pops up again (in true CLUAS Readers' Poll style!) in the 'Worst Venue' category. Whelan's gets to see the light of this category as well.


Event of the Year

1 MTV Awards
2 Peace in the North
3 Slane Castle
4 Homelands
5 Millennium

Okay. CLUAS is now assuming there was something radically cool about the MTV awards that we missed. We are hoping that members of the electorate who know better might be able to take the time out to enlighten us. Maybe they were thinking of Iggy Pop's slot? The mind is boggling. The number of votes for the Northern Ireland peace process were more re-assuring.


Non-event of the Year

1 Millennium
2 MTV Awards
3 Eclipse
4 Rugby World Cup
5 Slane

It hasn't even happened yet and it was a very, very clear winner for non-event of the year. And the MTV awards coming in at 2nd place? Now that's more like it.


Best Pub

1 Stag's Head
2 Long Hall
3 Mulligan's
4 Grogan's
5 Brogan's

Mulligan's of Poolbeg StreetIt looks like Dublin 2 holds all the drinking cards of consequence. For the CLUAS heads anyway.


Other results...

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