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 Padraig Rushe

Padraig Rushe, formerly of the Dublin Gospel Choir, has just released his debut album Greyworld on Loud Child Records. Currently touring Ireland with his band, his music features a broad array of influences with a soul/gospel flavour taking centre stage. Padraig talks to Cluas...

You've played some live dates recently, with your style so varied what kind of audiences have you been getting?
It's been a brilliant mix so far of rockers, soul junkies and pop fans alike and all ages which is really great as an artist to see different people getting into the music.
Is it difficult to tour with a large band so early on in your solo career?
No, after six years touring with the gospel choir touring with ten people feels like I'm traveling light and I've known everyone in the band so long, so its really fun!
You use the term "retro-soul" to describe your music.  What is retro-soul to you?
I love the early soul records, where that raw, gritty gospel sound was still fresh and unrestricted. For this album I wanted to take a trip back through all the music I've loved and grown up with and try to drag the best bits back together.
Also you've cited the likes of Bill Withers and Luther Vandross as influences, but whats your opinion of todays soul and r'n'b?
I think there's some amazing artists out at the moment like Laura Izibor, John Legend, The Script.. strip down their tracks and there are some amazing songs and lyrics underneath... That's not true of a lot of what's out there. 
Finally, what next for Padraig Rushe?
The second single comes out next month and I have some touring this Summer and then it's back to working on a new album I guess! I already have a tonne of ideas and things I want to try. It's all about taking risks and pushing myself as far as I can go, so we'll see how far that is! 
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