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Ok, the HBO blurb for this show is, "Set in Imperial Beach, California, the last great surf-break before Tijuana, where the U.S. meets Mexico, and water meets land, John From Cincinnati tells the story of the Yosts, a family of surfers whose awesome athletic talents have seemed for generations to come with a curse attached...The Yosts' reign and reputation, once defined in the curl of a perfect wave, have been eroded by years of bad luck, addiction and hubris. But just as things are looking like they can't get worse, a stranger named John arrives – and the Yosts' banal existence is lifted into something profound, miraculous and, possibly, universal."

Now, this show has been co-created by a guy called Kem Nunn, and this guy happened to write a novel called, "Tapping The Source" which went on to be the inspiration for 'Point Break' which, like it or not, every surfer I have ever met is able to quote at length. In fact, you could run a table quiz for surfers based entirely around trivia questions from that movie. And this is made by HBO who also made 'Six Feet Under', 'The Sopranos' and 'Rome'. Put those two things together and you have a series which although warm hearted is not going to be, exactly, family entertainment. Let's just say that the first ten minutes shows one of the main characters Butchie Yost shooting up smack and includes the line, "You just paid to see a donkey f**k a woman". In adddition, if the show is successful it will provide yet another avenue for musicians to have their music listened to since, as has been shown by Fionn Regan on 'Greys Anatomy' and by Bell X1 on 'The OC', synch licenses have become a fashionable and popular move for the artist on the up, and Kasabian's 'Sun/Rise/Light/Flies' is used over the climatic surf scene that ends Episode One. Oh yeah, and pro surfer Keala Kennelly is in the cast too.

Rather than do a long write on this I thought I would simply give you the link via i-Tunes to download the first episode, and also a couple of You Tube clips for the opening sequence and a trailer and let you make up your own mind. Comments are, as always, very welcome.

Opening Sequence

Series Promo

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