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French DJ duo Justice release their first album today (11 June). Its title is † - that is, the symbol of a crucifix.

Their sound is just as hard to name - it's the most evil, intricate, banging, catchy, queasy, funky, joyous dance music we've heard in ages. It's a quantum leap forward from 'Homework' by Daft Punk, the record a decade ago which sent French dance music stratospheric .

Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspar Auge are the pair of Parisians behind Justice.  They first came to attention with a remix of Simian's 'Never Be Alone', which they followed with 2005's amazing 'Waters Of Nazareth', a track which causes stomach upsets if you go too close to the speakers.

You can check out Justice when they appear at Oxegen this summer. Be warned - they DJ with two stacks of Marshall amps, so all you PYTs had better mind your eardrums.

Here's the clever 'T-shirt' video for their current single 'D.A.N.C.E.'

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