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Our favourite French radio show is 'C'est Lenoir', presented by Bernard Lenoir on France Inter. It's an hour of the best alternative music, with live sessions from every decent act that visits Paris (Elvis Perkins did a fantastic acoustic set recently).

One of the cult hits of the show so far this year has been a glorious little track called 'Les Trois Copains' ('The Three Friends') by a French singer-songer called Constance Verluca.

It begins as a deceptively twee piece of acoustic folk about feeling blue, before it suddenly changes gears and launches into an unforgettable chorus of "Vive le chocolat, le heroïn et la vodka! Vive le chocolat, le heroïn et la vodka!". Dare we say that the song itself is just as addictive?

Listen to 'Les Trois Copains' on Constance's MySpace page. We think it would sound perfect on Pearl's Sunday morning show on Phantom.

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