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Christmas, a time for religious celebration, gluttonous overeating and overdrinking, frenzied spending, domestic rows. And, best of all, best-of lists. Remember to vote in the CLUAS polls for Best Album (domestic league) and Best Album (Champions League).

What's more, like in 2005 and 2006, your Paris correspondent will propose the Best French Music of the year: our regular readers may like to browse through our archives and let us know what should be in our final ten, which we'll post in the last week of the year.

CocoonA late charge for BFM-of-07 comes from Cocoon (left), a boy-girl duo whose charming acoustic pop has clearly been profoundly influenced by that of Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens and especially Elliott Smith.

And if that wasn't recommendation enough, they've only gone and called their debut album 'All My Friends Died In A Plane Crash' and released it on Sober & Gentle Records. This we must listen to!

And oh! it's acoustic pop to make you swoon. Pick of the bunch is a song called 'On My Way' - a melodic, lovelorn, happy-go-lucky ballad that's been touched by the spirit of 'XO'-era Elliott Smith. In other words, wonderful stuff.

The Cocoon pair - Marc Daumail and Morgane Imbeaud - are currently touring around France and Belgium and plan to spend April recording in Nashville. No news of any Irish dates or release yet, but with such excellent English-language songs it's surely just a matter of time.

Check out those charming tunes on Cocoon's MySpace page. Here's the video for 'On My Way' - as if the song wasn't adorable enough, the video features a cartoon panda:

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