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Beijing indie specialists Pilot Records will bring Sub 41 and progressive metallers Symphony X to China in 2009. The label's own charges AK47 and Reflector put in some great shows in the second half of this year, says label founder Zeng Yu. So too his hard-rocking signees Honeygun. Sub 41 will travel to Beijing in April. “We won’t make money but it will be a wonderful chance to draw more and more Chinese to rock music,” says Zeng, his usual likeable and proselytizing self. Pilot is bringing in the big guns because they want to have maximum impact on first-time concert goers. 

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1999 - 'The eMusic Market', written by Gordon McConnell it focuses on how the internet could change the music industry. Boy was he on the money, years before any of us had heard of an iPod or of Napster.