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A review of the album 'In Silence' by Little Children

Little Children In SilenceReview Snapshot: Linus Lutti or his musical alias Little Children, has been known as the quiet antithesis of the screaming, noisy model that had been previously established. This low-key approach can often be more astounding, more lingering, than you could ever imagine.  The forthcoming album, “In silence” will stay with you long after it ends. 

The Cluas Verdict? 8 out of 10

Full Review: “Demons” opens the album and it is the perfect introduction to a voice that will stop you in your tracks. Sparse guitar and a gentle flute accompaniment compound the sadness that drifts through this song.  

“With heavy steps I follow, pray for love, pray for sorrow, don’t go, don’t go, baby the walls are shrinking faster” 
“Hold On” introduces a more upbeat sound to the album with pulsing bass guitar throughout. This song focuses much more on instruments with few lyrics. The flute once again runs throughout the song, adding a gentler sound to a harder rhythm. 
“In Silence” is a mystifying tune, with the same heart-stopping vocals that grabbed us in the beginning.  It is heavy with bells and haunting lyrics, traits that become familiar throughout. 
“What is lost can be found in the silence around. As we speak, I see it all clear” 
“Salvation” is a stand out song. The power of his own vocals is something he is clearly aware of, as this song consists of little accompaniment. The chorus introduces one simple piano chord, with a strumming of guitar, nothing more is needed. 
“When everything is lonely, and your body prays, make sure you ache in the middle of it”
Like a musical dream team, Linus Lutti has taken (perhaps not on purpose) all the best bits from singers in his genre. Bon Iver, Midlake and Nick Drake can be heard in moments of each song, making this an all together magical album. 

Elaine Peppard

Little Children - In Silence by Playground Music

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