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CLUAS Readers' Poll 2000

The Results!

Okay constituents. This is it. Global democracy in action (or so the immodest idealists at CLUAS central like to think). Yip, the votes have been totted and, with the e-tallymen off at home with their feet up, it's time to announce the results of the Readers' Poll for 2000. Best albums, films, gigs, pubs, venues and much more are revealed below...

Results of the various music categories follow on this page. Click here for results of the film categories and click here for everything else (best pubs, venues, event of year, etc).

Best International Album of 2000

1 'Kid A' Radiohead
2 'Parachutes' Coldplay
3 'Lost Souls' Doves
4 'The Hour of The Bewilder beast' Badly Drawn Boy
5 'Much against Everyone's advice' Soulwax

It got slammed in some quarters, and yes it does have the occasional dodgy moment, but the CLUAS voters are in no doubt as to the enduring quality of Radiohead's challenging 'Kid A' album. Snapping at the heels however is the beautifully impressive debut from Coldplay. Doves, Badly Drawn Boy and Soulwax make up the rest of this diverse mix of fine long-playing moments.


Best Irish Album of 2000

1 'All that you can't leave behind' U2
2 'JJ72' JJ72
3 'Small Moments' David Kitt
4 'Glass' The Frank & Walters
5 'Antisocial' Turn

Dublin's original boy band show with their 10th studio album that they didn't whittle away everything in the dry ice of a giant lemon. Debuts from U2's fellow Dubliners JJ72 and David Kitt also hit the right spots with many out there. The capital however does not have a monopoly on quality as counties Cork and Meath respectively get a look-in with releases from The Frank & Walters and Turn.


Best International Band / Artist of 2000

1 Radiohead
2 Coldplay
3 Eminem
4 David Gray (tie)
4 Placebo (tie)

The hat trick of gigs in Punchestown coupled with the intrigue of an album such as Kid A brought Radiohead right back to the fore. Coldplay were however not far behind, with the voting mirroring the 'Best International' album category. Tipper Gore's favourite artist bounces in at no. 3 while last year's winner David Gray shares the runner up honour with Placebo.


Best Irish Band / Artist of 2000

1 U2
2 The Frames
3 JJ72
4 David Kitt
5 Red Neck Manifesto

Interestingly, the top two positions haven't changed an iota since last year. New kids on the grunge block JJ72 polled surprisingly well as did Kittser. Red neck Manifesto squeeze in having pipped Bell X1 in the final moments.


Worst Irish Band / Artist of 2000

1 Westlife
2 The Corrs
3 JJ72
4 U2
5 Ronan Keating

Let it be clear, let there be no doubt, this was an utter landslide victory. And compellingly so. Westlife polled 600% more votes than the Corrs who tagged on behind in 2nd position. No further commentary on the winner is required. Elsewhere JJ72 curiously hold the same position here as they do in the 'Best Irish Band' category. And not all are convinced at the return to basics of U2...


Best Gig of 2000

1 Radiohead (Punchestown)
2 The Frames (various gigs)
3 Witnness (Fairyhouse)
4 Homelands (Mosney)
5 Lambchop (Olympia)

Radiohead? They're back with a bang. Their 3rd victory in this year's poll. The Frames polled impressively - a worthy testament to their dedication this year to the gig circuit. The Witnness and Homelands festivals delivered on their promises and what a pleasant surprise to see all 17 members of Lambchop squeeze in at no. 5 with their gig in the Olympia.


Best Song of 2000

1 'Stan' Eminem
2 'Beautiful Day' U2
3 'Yellow' Coldplay
4 'Oxygen' JJ72
5 'Another Love Song' David Kitt

Eminem shocks the CLUAS voters into line it would seem. And U2's 'Beautiful Day' (despite the A-Ha comparisons that surfaced on the CLUAS discussion board when it was first released) succeeded in reaching the mark for many discerning CLUAS voters. Coldplay, JJ72 and David Kitt wrap up the top five.


Other results...

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