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CLUAS 2000 Readers' Poll !!!

Best Films

The Irish. We are - per capita - the most frequent visitors to cinemas (or so some statistical geniuses keep telling us). So what stood out this year from this mass-cinematic indulgence of ours? An indication does follow...

Best Film of 2000

1 Gladiator
2 Magnolia
3 Memento (tie)
3 O Brother Where Art Thou? (tie)
5 Sixth Sense

Gladiator MovieSo it goes like this - Roman lion-killing marathon session with Oliver Reed's last moments on the planet scoops the top spot. The Aimee Mann inspired story - the highly credible and moving Magnolia (apart from the frogs bit) - follows. Memento, the massively involving brain bender, ties it with the latest Coen brothers odyssey 'O brother where are thou?' And, well, well is that Bruce Willis we see in the 'sure of course I copped it in the first 5 seconds' caper that is 'the Sixth Sense'? Uh yes, it is.


Worst Film of 2000

1 Charlie's Angels
2 Blair Witch II
3 Road Trip
4 Mission Impossible II
5 Perfect Storm

Doh! Bring back the original TV series we hear you shout! Yip, Charlie's Angels the movie was a high-kicking washout for that most demanding of beings - the CLUAS constituent. A fully-deserving Blair Witch II follows suit while 3 other Hollywood tukeys close the black list.


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