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CLUAS fires some questions at Darragh of Dark Room Notes, the creators of the Choice Music Prize nominated album We Love You Dark Matter.

Dark Room NotesTell us about the album - its conception, creation, response... Is there anything you'd go back and change about it now?
Well the album was a important for us as it helped us say "OK this is where we're at, let's put out these songs that we've road tested at gigs, record them as best we can and start writing for a second album, let's keep moving forward".  So we recorded live, a track a day over 14 days and kept a momentum in the studio of "this is a nearly live album". The response has been amazing and the album is now getting a global release on BBE records, we've already started writing the second album, what we would change on We Love you Dark Matter? The original art work was banned, that was a shame.
Award nominations aside, were you happy with the response the album received?
Yes, definitely, and DRN are playing more gigs because of it which helps you become a better musician: it's a win win situation

How relevant do you think music awards really are to musicians and music fans?
Difficult to say, there's certainly been a lot of debate about it. You don't write to win awards, you write and play to wow each other, to turn each other on, but I think competition is healthy and I know the money would help any of the bands survive making more music.

Do you think the idea of the album is relevant and capable of holding its own in a world of digital downloading and plummeting CD sales?
Yes, of course, but only if a band are prepared to leave out filler tracks.

Do you feel the Irish music scene is in a healthy state at the moment?
Yes, there's a lot of diversity out there if your prepared to look.

Any artists who weren't nominated for the Choice Award, who you feel should have been?

Your favourite album from those also nominated for the Prize?
Giz a copy of all of them and we'll tell you.

Best gig you went to in 2009?
Whitest Boy Alive

Plans for 2010?
Tour abroad, meet new people, record the second album and fight with each other all over again!

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