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Laura Izibor 'Let The Truth Be Told'

May 27

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009  RssIcon

A review of the album Let The Truth Be Told by Laura Izibor

Review Snapshot:  Pretty face on the cover? Check.  Impressive voice? Check.  Middle of the road, vaguely familiar sounding songs? Check.  It appears we have found this years Nora Jones/Alicia Keys/Dido

The Cluas Verdict? 3.5 out of 10

Full Review:
I've always believed that musicians should put more thought into their album titles, especially albums they know will be critically reviewed.  Let The Truth Be Told, really?  Okay, the truth is that, despite being touted as the next big thing since winning the 2FM Song Contest at the age of 15, Laura Izibor has produced an album that is the musical equivalent to magnolia paint.  In other words, Let The Truth Be Told is blandness personified.  No doubt then, it will be huge.

You see, Let The Truth Be Told is not an album, no, it is very much a product (what credible musician finds it necessary to plug the type of make-up she uses on her website?).  As a collection of music it borrows very heavily from the song books of the likes of Lauren Hill and Alicia Keys.  Izibor's vocal phrasing is also reminiscent of Keys (and oddly, Ronan Keating at times!).  Lyrically, Izibor deals almost exclusively with matters of the heart and though her lyrics are firmly in the Des'ree (I'd rather have a piece of toast) category: Only get a short time on this earth/you gotta make each moment worth/something beautiful/you gotta give every bit of you/with love, half won't do, oooh, they will have a certain amount of appeal.  

It's not awful.  Shine, with its catchy chorus and simple structure is almost the perfect summer pop hit.  Likewise, the touch of gospel that makes its way into the albums final track MMM... might be a pointer as to the direction of Izibor's sophomore album.  However, it would be remiss of me to review this album as anything other than a product designed to sell bucket loads of units and pay back some of the plentiful investment Izibor has received from Atlantic Records. 

As a product, it has it all.  She's gorgeous for a start, possesses a great voice and has the ability to appeal to the very profitable American market.  I've no doubt it will be very successful.  Whether anyone who buys it will still be listening to it in 6 months time is another matter altogether.

Steve O'Rourke

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So Laura is a bore... what's this you say...

Well packaged talent - market driven - nodding to established purveyors in the genre - why invent the wheel in a recession I suppose. I have heard her recent release and would second the motion on hearing the Keys and Hill's influence. The business of music is well at work, in a pseudo americana way - but will it be a case of Mumba -itis - where the yanks 'kinda do it better'.
Good Luck to her though - no pressure like, I'm sure Atlantic aren't waiting on her advance...?

By kT on   Thursday, May 28, 2009

Re: Laura Izibor 'Let The Truth Be Told'

I feel that was a rather harsh and unfair critic. I feel every artist today borrows from one artist or another HELOOO IT'S CALLED INSPIRATION. we are all products of something! I have seen her live and she blew my socks off she is amazing I can't stop listening to her songs right now and KNOW I WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO 6 months from now. So Mr Steve O'Rourke think again and try make sense next time you write a critic.

By K.C on   Thursday, May 28, 2009

Re: Laura Izibor 'Let The Truth Be Told'

K.C.... Just because you disagree, doesn't make me wrong, or mean that my critique doesn't make sense. It just means I have a different opinion to you. You are more than welcome to submit your own review. We're very democratic in these parts.

kT...I actually feel sorry for her as I think experienced such as bastardised/sanitised version of the music scene that she probably never stood a chance of making a record that sounded like a Laura Izibor album rather than one that relies so heavily on sounding generic.

By Idiot Kid on   Thursday, May 28, 2009

Re: Laura Izibor 'Let The Truth Be Told'

I googled 'Laura izobor Ronan Keating' to get here. I have to agree with you, but i would've given her a much lower rating. I have been the unfortunate victim of 'My-Girlfriends-got-a-Laura-Izibor-CD-and-loves-it'.. Not something to smile about, i can promise you.. I am glad, however, to find i am not alone in the Ronan Keating comparison.. I find it the most annoying style ever. As for the plugging music used on their website, it's happening more and more, and it's disgusting, at the same time, she probably wouldn't have got a record deal if she wasn't willing to jump through all their hoops, (and i'm willing to bet, she was more then willing - Prob coming up with a few ideas herself).
@K.C. Anyone that uses HELOOOOO to defend her, just confirms to me that i'm definitely on the right side of the fence on this one. Also, i can't believe for one single second, no matter how much you may think you like her, that she 'Blew your socks off', If that is true, Just wait until you hear some real musicians..

By Boogla boogla on   Thursday, September 03, 2009

Re: Laura Izibor 'Let The Truth Be Told'

Wow...I am surprised. I heard From my Heart to Yours in the Spring of this year and immediately wanted to hear more from this artist. I ordered the CD from Amazon and loved it! I saw Laura Izibor in concert in September and she was awesome. So.. .it has been 6 months and not only do I still listen to the CD - vut can hardly wait to see and hear more of this artist.

By Cc on   Sunday, November 01, 2009

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