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I recently came across a version of Arcade Fire's 'No Cars Go', on their first EP which is available on i-Tunes. It is a song which, according to the All Music guide, "sounds like a blueprint for Rebellion (Lies)". What it sounds even more like is the re-recorded version of the same song that is the penultimate track on the band's sophomore album release, "Neon Bible". In fact, apart from a glossier sound, the new version is identical to the original, down to the guitar licks and the 'hey, hey' vocals. So, what is going on ? Are the band running out of ideas so soon into their career that they are already raiding their not exactly extensive back catalogue ? Are they perfectionists who felt that they could do even better re-recording this particular song ? Is it part of a canny plan to include one track from their first EP on every one of their later album releases? Answers on the comments board below, thanks.

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