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I can't imagine Renault Supremo and entrepreneur Bill Cullen being interested in the decidely non bling lifestyle of the average Irish surfer and he wouldn't be happy to hear that Renault is not a favoured brand of Irish wave riders, but it hasn't stopped Renault from bringing out a surf branded version of the Clio in association with RipCurl. I won't get all Jeremy Clarkson on this car but, lets just say, no self respecting surfer would be caught dead in one of these, although I had a Aussie mate who had to be physically restrained in a surf shop once from purchasing a pair of Billabong branded underpants, so addicted was he to buying anything with a surf brand logo on it. Even he would not part cash for this because surfers drive one of three types of automotive transport; station wagons, two seater commerical 4WDs and camper vans. I think the makers of the adverts for this car know it too as they focus on a pair of surf turkeys sitting in the car with their wetsuits on backward. I guess this car is aimed at the same people who have bought tickets for Cois Fharraige, non surfers who want to get a little of the surfer lifestyle. I have some advice for those guys (and girls). Instead of parting with your cash for something with a logo on it; simply get up at 5am with a splitting hangover, pull on some clothes you have left in the freezer overnight then get into a bath full of cold water with ice floating in it.





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