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Artist: P.I.L

Title: 'Album'

Released: 1985

Note: Although the single 'Rise' put Johnny Lydon and co back in the charts and onto Top of the Pops, 'Album' worked as a cohesive whole and was selected by none other than the South Bank Show as a highlight in their 1985 end of year review.

Best Track: 'Ease'


Artist: Robie Robertson

Title: 'Robbie Robertson

Released: 1987

Note:  Daniel Lanois, U2 and Peter Gabriel all collaborated on this album which completes a trio of classic 80s albums that include Joshua Tree and SO.

Best Track: 'Fallen Angel'


Artist: Kate Bush

Title: 'Hounds of Love'

Released: 1985

Note: Possibly the greatest concept album of them all and certainly the sexiest sounding. 'Cloudbusting', 'Running Up That Hill' and the title track are all classics but our favourites are 'Under Ice' and 'Jig of Life'.

Best Track: 'Cloud Busting'


Artist: The Cult

Title:  Love

Released: 1985

Note: The guitar lick for 'She Sells Sanctuary' is possibly the greatest of them. Dark, gothic and containing probably the silliest lyrics ever heard on a classic album

Best Track: 'Rain'


Artist: The Sisters of Mercy

Title: Floodland

Released: 1987

Note: This record actually contains the silliest lyrics ever heard on a classic album and represents the zenith of Jim Steinman's producing career. If a mountain could write music, it would sound like this.

Best Track: 'Dominion / Mother Russia'


Artist: Simple Minds

Title: Once Upon A Time

Released: 1985

Note: The black, white and gold cover art and the stadium wide sound production were obvious influences on the Joshua Tree which was released two years later but, for my money, this is more fun. Over the top lyrics were married to epic soundscapes which, combined with a fantastic Croke Park gig that climaxed with a lightening storm make this one of my all time favourites.

Best Track: 'Alive and Kicking'



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