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10 things I hate about cycling in Dublin

Undulating cycle paths built to accommodate the spotless 4WDs of the homeowners situated along the route. It’s an off road vehicle for Chrissakes!

Pedestrian crossings every 500 metres that pedestrians never use because they are too busy jaywalking across the road and right into your path.

Drivers who think that the correct position of the passenger side of their car is flush with the kerb.

Van drivers (see S.3)

Pedestrians who walk along cycle paths. Do the dumb fuckers not see the big symbols of the cyclist painted on the ground in front of them?

Recumbent cycles; they were banned by the UCI in the 1930s. They should also be banned from Irish thoroughfares and the people who ride them made to learn how to cycle properly.

Cyclists that lag behind you on the road then pull in front of you at traffic lights, obstructing your way as you take off after the lights turn green

Single speed racers. No, I don’t think you are some form of elite cycling purist. I think you are a twat who objects to progress, particularly when these retro-rothars can cost more than a bike with gears and brakes. Why not go the whole hog and re-fit the bloody thing with solid rubber wheels?

Anyone who rides a mountain bike in an urban area or brings the damn thing into the countryside on the back of a 4WD just so they can cycle it around for a couple of hours. What part of ‘Mountain Bike’ do you not understand?

50 something commuting cyclists who think they are competing in the Tour De France, down to the replica team wear. Just because they sell it, does not mean you have to wear it.

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