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AC/DC may have once observed that Rock 'n' Roll aint noise pollution but trying to enjoy your music in Ireland's modern urban landscape is driving Sound Waves to distraction and that is because, to our sensitive ears, the levels of ambient noise that exist in urban centres like Dublin are far too high for the output of the average set of headphones. In fact, it is getting to the stage that the only place SW can listen to music is in the safety of their car at night on an empty road or overlooking a deserted beach at dusk. People, vehicles (SUVs and 4WDs are the worst), buses, construction sites all conspire to obliterate the ability to simply hear what is on your MP3 player and consequently you find yourself racking up the volume control just to assess what it is that is playing.

In fact, noise pollution is becoming such a problem that the Department of the Enviroment has issued a guide to noise regulations within Ireland. Perhaps its time for rockers to tell noise polluters to shut it.

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