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I don't like Radiohead. Their music brings to mind thin, pale, pretentious young men living in damp digs in a rain soaked back street somewhere in Galway that are too fond of the works of Samuel Beckett and woodbines. I am however a fan of Brad Meldhu, the brilliant American jazz musician who, it turns out, has a penchant for interpreting the songs of Radiohead on his albums in much the same way that one of his influences, the great Oscar Peterson frequently interpreted the songs of Cole Porter. Although there is no sign of a 'Brad Meldhu Plays the Radiohead Song Book' CD issuing anytime soon from his label Nonesuch Records, Sound Waves humbly suggests a tentative partial tracking listing for any such release and asks readers of Cluas to suggest any other songs by Radiohead that might suit Meldhu's interpretative gifts.


Track: "Exit Music (For a Film)"

Album: Art of the Trio: Vol. 3


Track: "Paranoid Android"

Album: Live In Tokyo


Track: "Everything In Its Right Place"

Album: Anything Goes


Brad Meldhu Official Website


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