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Title: Black Ice

Artist: AC/DC

Essential Track: Rock 'n' Roll Train


Title: The Seldom Seen Kid

Artist: Elbow

Essential Track: Grounds for Divorce


Title: Viva la Vida

Artist: Coldplay

Essential Track: Strawberry Swing


Title: Pacific Ocean Blue

Artist: Dennis Wilson

Essential Track: River Song


Title: Oracular Spectacular

Artist: MGMT

Essential Track: Kids


Title: Everything that Happens will Happen Today

Artist: David Byrne / Brian Eno

Essential Track: One Fine Day


In other business...

Music Highlight of 2008: Glen Hansard's Oscar Win for 'Falling Slowly'

Music Lowlight of 2008 (tie): X Factor releasing 'Hallelujah' / Sigur Ros' latest album

Music TV Highlight of 2008 #1: FUR TV

Music TV Highlight of 2008 #2: Jay - Z at Glastonbury

Music TV Lowlight of 2008 #1: Zhang Yimou's choice and use of music in the opening & closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

Music Surprise of 2008 #1: 'Chinese Democracy' wasn't the dog everyone predicted it would be

Music Surprise of 2008 #2: Fleet Foxes are not as good as everybody claims

The Sound Waves 'Rumour of the Year': That surfers either want to buy or have the cash to buy holiday homes, as if !

The Sound Waves 'Culture Trend of the Year': i-Pod Envy 3.0, if you don't have an i-Phone, you are nobody, apparently.

The Sound Waves 'Mystery of 2008'; How did McDonalds know we were going back to 1981 in their adverts?






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