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Blogging will be light from me until early September. In meantime here's a few links that caught my eye recently:

  • It turns out that YouTube's Terms & Conditions state that it can license any content uploaded to its servers as it sees fit. CNET have the details. Any independent bands uploading, for example, DIY videos of their music to Youtube should sit up and take note. A similar broo-ha hit the interweb last year for MySpace but a campaign - spearheaded by Billy Bragg - got them to dilute down their terms. Will YouTube, like MySpace before them, soon do the decent thing?
  • Major US ISP throttle Bit Torrent: if such policies become more widespread among ISPs could it reduce the usefullness and efficiencies of the Bit Torrent protocol? Maybe the time if ripe for the long awaited version of BitTorrent that that is capable of using a secure protocol...
  • Is interest in hip hop collapsing? So asks Time magazine. Sales are down, big time. And not just because of this interweb thing putting downward pressure on CD sales...

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2005Michael Jackson: demon or demonised? Or both?, written by Aidan Curran. Four years on this is still a great read, especially in the light of his recent death. Indeed the day after Michael Jackson died the CLUAS website saw an immediate surge of traffic as thousands visited to read this very article.