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Two weeks ago I posted a blog entry about how Google had, all of a sudden, dramatically reduced the number of pages it crawls in a day (it dropped from an average of thousand pages a day to about 25 a day, see the graph below). 

I put this down to be something to do with the fact that CLUAS stopped running Google ads for 3 weeks in April. I predicted that once the Google ads were back up and running (as they were two and a bit weeks ago) all would return to normal. A quick check earlier today in's Google "Webmaster Tools" account and I saw that (for once!) a prediction of mine was on the money. Google is once again crawling a daily average of 1000 pages on CLUAS. Check out the graph below for the evidence that Google is still all chummy-wummy with us.

Number of CLUAS pages crawled by Google, may 2008

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