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Anatomy of the CLUAS writers poll (part 2)As promised last week in the first part of the anatomy of our poll to find the top Irish albums released in the last 10 years, you'll find below the albums that were voted for but did not make the top 50. In total there are 86 albums that were voted for but that did not make the final published list of ranked albums. Of these, 5 were voted for by 2 writers, the rest secured a solitary vote.

A quick glance and you can see some acts who were 'penalised' for their productivity in the last decade as their votes, being spread over multiple albums, diluted their rankings and so reduced their prospects of making the final top 50 (e.g. Ann Scott, Redneck Manifesto, Future Kings of Spain, Nina Hynes and Pony Club).

[Aside: I didn't have the time to do a forensic eligibilty check on the albums below so you may come across entries that were not full length albums, or were released before 1999, or are by acts that are not Irish...]

Albums outside the top 50 that secured 2 votes:

  • Bell X1 - Flock
  • Crayonsmith - White Wonder
  • The Dudley Corporation - In Love With The Dudley Corporation
  • Hybrasil - The Monkey Pole
  • Super Extra Bonus Party - Super Extra Bonus Party

Albums outside the top 50 that secured 1 vote:

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