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Last Post 7/4/2011 10:35 AM by  PLUG ARTISTS
Fusion Family celebrate the release of their latest video/ single 'Dr Sadler'
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7/4/2011 10:35 AM
    Just a brief note to let you know that the Dr. Sadler video is now on Vimeo and Youtube for your viewing pleasure!
    Watch video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mOysahdSw8

    Fusion Family are hitting the studio to record their follow up single 'Last Time' with Super producer Danny Saber (Madonna/ Public Enemy/ U2/ Black Grape/ David Bowie)

    The single is set for a release in later in the year and the band will be popping up at various events in the meantime.

    A special thanks to all that were involved and we hope you like it. Appreciate you all helping us get it out there!

    Check out the following links for tour dates and Fusion Family related info

    FACEBOOK; http://www.facebook.com/pages/...2695
    MYSPACE; www.myspace.com/fusionfamily
    SOUNDCLOUD; www.soundcloud.com/fusionfamilymusic
    TWITTER; http://twitter.com/#!/thefusionfamily


    Irish Act Fusion Family Deliver Astounding Music Video


    In times of austerity, and people constantly banging on about reducing costs, how in God’s name have the Fusion Family made this video? A video which wouldn’t look out of place on MTV , you wouldn’t be surprised if a six figure had been speant to make it a reality . According to Luke Leslie the Director of this extraordinary video, the story began with a hat. “I think 'Dr Sadler' all started with Brian's hat. It hangs on the side of Fusion Family's logo and he won't stop wearing the damn thing.  So eight months ago, in he trots spouting this old-landish concept for a Vintage Style music video teeming with corrupt politicians, crooked cops, gorgeous girls, and mysterious tommy-gun toting assassins. I thought it sounded

    fantastic, and had great potential but it needed a lot of fleshing out.”  And so begun a sixteen-month process filled with cold nights in warehouses and the requirement for everyone to start believing in a project that seemed ridiculous to anyone who gave themselves the time to really think about it.


    Leslie notes he was not looking for that crisp hard black and white you would associate with recent films like Sin City. Rather classics such as Casablanca or The Third Man were more his style reference. One of the most important elements of the production was assembling a good crew one that could deliver on a project with very thin comericial investment (solely by the Fusions Family guerilla record label, Plug Artists).


    The track used for the video derives from FusionFamily's debut album 'Full Circle' (produced by Brian Masterson), and certainly stands up to the challenge presented by thevideo itself, rather then simply enhancing the perception of the song, the video has  offerered the platform the song deserves

     Things are falling into place piece by piece in camp FusionFamily, and with top producer Danny Saber from LA lined up to collaborate on the follow up single entitled 'Last Time',


    Narayan Van Maele, the cinematographer worked with Leslie since collaborating on his graduate short film King of the Waves. They we are used to pinching pennies on low budget projects. Since the whole story had to be told visually breaking it down with a shot-list was key, we also made up birds eye view diagrams to help visualize the layout of each set - which existed mainly inside a computer - followed by a tight daily schedule and a finally a comprehensive budget. 


    A strong team makes or breaks a low budget project. In addition, Leslie notes that everyone who came onboard did so because they wanted to be part of something different. “I can't speak highly enough of Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair who not only cast our two gorgeous ladies, 

    But sourced props, costumes, took stills; production managed, did everyone’s hair and make-up and even did the catering!”

    Our student film-days are only just behind us so mucking in and making it happen is second nature to all of us at this stage. 


    The band will be touring again from September and will be popping up at a couple of festivals before then.

    For info on tour dates click here: www.myspace.com/fusionfamily
    To Join us on Facebook click here: 
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