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The CLUAS Archive: 1998 - 2011

The CLUAS Discussion Board 'Hall of Fame'

Over the years the CLUAS discussion board has been home to some fine rants and raves. Here below we've selected some of the very best from the first 3 years of the discussion board (2001 to 2004) for you to check out if you missed them the first time around (and for hot topics that were more recently discussed check out our bang up to date '75 hottest discussion threads' page).

The topics from 2001 to 2004 have been divided up into a number of categories based on the subject matter of each discussion. The categories include:

'Radio stations & Radio DJs'
'Best ofs'
'Worst Ofs'
'Value for your money - CDs and concert tickets'
'Musical Preferences'
'The Music Industry'
'Recording Technology'
'Digital Music technology'
'The Irish Music Scene'

Radio Stations & Radio DJs

Phantom FM clear to start broadcasting Nov 2005
2FM Re-Shuffle Oct 2005
Phantom FM: end of legal battle? Oct 2005
FM104 - End of John Walsh's show April 2005
Phantom FM versus Zed FM Nov 2004
Dave Fanning: is his contribution appreciated? Sept 2002
Tom Dunne's top 30 of 2002 Dec 2002

Best ofs

Best album/gig of 2003? Nov 2003
Best band name ever May 2004
Best band name? Jan 2002
Best break-up song? Apr 2004
Best Cover Songs? June 2004
Best lyric ever? July 2004
Best Upcoming Band? July 2004
Cool album sleeves? Jan 2004
Favourite Cover Artists (the other kind) June 2004
Worst album of 2003? Dec 2003
Top 50 Irish Acts of All Time? May 2004
The Best Debut Album of All Time!!! May 2003
Best Music Books Jan 2004
Results of the 2003 readers' poll Dec 2003
Your favourite U2 song? June 2004
Worst of When?
Worst cover version. Ever.  July 2004
The worst U2 songs in the world. Ever. June 2004
What's the most overrated album of all time? Dec 2003
The Worst Lyric In The World July 2004
Recording Technology When?
Help Buying music software  Jan 2004
Home recording Oct 2003
Recording Material - Help!! Mar 2004
Value for money - CDs & concert tickets When?
Neil Young - 105 quid? Mar 2003
The cost of going to Gigs Oct 2002
Gig prices in Ireland compared to abroad Sept 2002
Gig Prices (Olympia in particular) Aug 2002
A Challenge to MCD Oct 2002
Where to buy CDs cheaply? Apr 2004
Musical preferences When?
Great albums discovered by accident..... Jan 2004
Albums you should have bought ages ago Mar 2004
CDs in your collection that embarrass you... Jan 2004
Last 3 Albums you bought May 2004
What U Listening To This Week ? Oct 2003
What songs do you want to hear at indie discos? Oct 2003
Your choice for an Irish "Super Group"? June 2004
American bluegrass Mar 2004
Decent Music Magazine? Dec 2003
Crap bands/artists who have made good songs Feb 2004
Bands you'd travel to see... Apr 2004
Are drummers naturally SPECIAL??? May 2004
Q magazine Feb 2003

The Discussion Board Hall of Fame continues on this page where you can browse memorable discussions on the following themes:

'The Music Industry'
'Recording Technology'
'Digital Music technology'
'The Irish Music Scene'

Check out also the most recent discussions take place on the CLUAS indie music discussion board.