Boa Morte's second album The Dial Waltz picked up some great reviews on its release recently (see below).

The band are now following on with a single release and a series of countrywide gigs in November.

Album available on iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Plugd, Tower and lots of other places.

In the meantime, here's a stream of the closing song on the album:

Reviews of The Dial Waltz:

Hot Press - (4 Stars) "Delicately beautiful new record from cork alt-folkies. Boa Morte are really good. Theoretically, a band like Boa Morte could reach out with music like this and reach and galvanise an international tribe of its own. Because it is, really, a very, very fine record. "
The Metro-Herald - (4 stars) "Recalling the hillbilly goth of Bill Calahan and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, the Cork collective's first album in nearly a decade is a thing of bleak, muted beauty. A shoo-in for the next Choice shortlist if there's any justice in the world."
Irish News of the World (4 stars) – “A lo-fi delight……..It’s like Pavement on valium” (8.5/10 stars) - 'The Dial Waltz' is more poetry than mere music.
Tunesmith (US blog) - “The bands understated folk, folk-rock songs are well crafted with killer vocals and downright beautiful arrangements”
das klienicum (German Blog) – “if you don’t yet know this band you can look forward to excellent sound experiences and comforting melancholy”
Ketelmuziek (Dutch Blog) – “Now, The Dial Waltz is finally out and it's a beautiful picture”# Road Records – “fans of fellow Irishman Adrian Crowley will fall in love with this one instantly. It’s one of those perfect late night bedtime albums, beautifully soothing stuff”
The Irish Examiner - "A moving and amazing record."
Songs To learn and Sing Blog – “The band has delivered another sparse, downbeat masterpiece. This album is not to be jumped in and out of - it deserves to be played from start to finish and then unbeknownst to yourself you've just hit play again. The Dial Waltz is a great record.”
Underground of Happiness Blog – “a beautiful, heart-rending result. Most often compared to Smog and Will Oldham but also traces of Jim O'Rourke and showing avant garde as well as folk tendencies”
The Irish Times – “The Dial Waltz is a warm, earthy folk album, brimming with sloping, melancholic electric guitar and understated percussion.

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