CLUAS: all our Reader & Writer Polls

CLUAS Ballot BoxSince we started in 1999 CLUAS we have polled our readers and writers at regular intervals for their view on what was vital when it came to music, be it on the Irish or international music scenes. At the end of each year we would reach out to the readers and writers to identify what they thought was the best music of the year that had just passed. We also have run special polls to mark key milestones in the site's history. For example, there was the "Best of the 90s" poll (marking the end of our first year of operations), our poll to find the "Top 50 Irish albums of all time" (marking the 5th anniversary of  and the Top 50 Irish albums of 1999 to 2009 (marking the occasion of our 10th anniversary). Results of all our other end of year polls are linked to below.

Nuggets from our archive

2005Michael Jackson: demon or demonised? Or both?, written by Aidan Curran. Four years on this is still a great read, especially in the light of his recent death. Indeed the day after Michael Jackson died the CLUAS website saw an immediate surge of traffic as thousands visited to read this very article.