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The CLUAS Annual Readers' Poll 2003

The Results of the Vote

A record number of votes received meant we had to delay the publishing of the results by a week. Many fanks to all who voted. So, if someone out there could just cue a drum roll, because here they come, the top 5 in each of the 7 categories... (and also check out the discussion about these results up on the CLUAS discussion board)

Most Outstanding Performance in the studio (non-debut)

Bell X1 'Music in Mouth'1) Bell X1 'Music in Mouth'
2) Turn 'Forward'
3) Paddy Casey 'Living'
4) Josh Ritter 'Hello Starling'
5) Snow Patrol 'Final Straw' (joint 5th)
5) Damien Dempsey 'Seize the day' (joint 5th)

Most Outstanding Performance in the studio (debut)

The Thrills 'So Much for the City'1) The Thrills 'So Much for the City'
2) The Coldspoon Conspiracy 'Plays well with others'
3) Woodstar 'Life sparks'
4) Mark Geary '33 1/3 Grand Street'
5) Future Kings of Spain 'Future Kings of Spain'

Most Outstanding Female Artist

Gemma Hayes1) Gemma Hayes
2) Nina Hynes
3) Lisa Hannigan
4) Sinead O'Connor
5) Ann Scott (joint 5th)
5) Juliet Turner (joint 5th)

Most Outstanding Male Artist

Damien Rice1) Damien Rice
2) Damien Dempsey
3) Ollie Cole
4) Mundy
5) Paddy Casey

Most Outstanding Irish Band

Glen Hansard of the Frames1) The Frames
2) Bell X1
3) The Thrills
4) Turn
5) Redneck Manifesto

Most Outstanding New Act on Irish Scene

Future Kings of Spain1) Future Kings of Spain
2) Messiah J and the Expert
3) Waiting Room
4) Ann Scott
5) My Brother Woody (a.k.a. Michael Cleare)

Most Outstanding Performance on the Stage

1) The Frames
2) Bell X1
3) Gemma Hayes
4) Damien Rice
5) Flaming Lips

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