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The CLUAS Annual Readers' Poll 2001

The Results of the Vote 

Right, no messing, straight to it. With the votes totted up we can finally present the results of this year's annual readers' poll. The top 5 in each of the 7 categories are presented below. The winners of each category were announced at the benefit gig for Concern that took place in Whelan's on Saturday December 22nd. Thanks to everyone who voted (boy, was there a lot this year and even some chancers who tried to double- (and, shock horror, even triple-) vote but the ever vigilant CLUAS electorate panel caught yiz!)

Most Outstanding Performance in the studio (non-debut)

The Frames 'For the birds'1) The Frames 'For the Birds'
2) David Kitt 'The Big Romance'
3) Joan of Arse 'Distant hearts, a little closer'
4) Ash 'Free all Angels'
5) Snow Patrol 'When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up'

Most Outstanding Performance in the studio (debut)

Paul O'Reilly 'First thing in the morning'1) Paul O'Reilly 'First thing in the morning'
2) The Jimmy Cake 'Brains'
3) El Diablo '23rd Psalm Cafe'
4) Redneck Manifesto 'Thirtysix strings'
5) Jeff Martin 'Still'

Most Outstanding Female Artist

Gemma Hayes1) Gemma Hayes
2) Juliet Turner
3) Nina Hynes
4) Sinead O'Connor
5) Lisa Hannigan

Most Outstanding Male Artist

Mic Christopher1) Mic Christopher
2) David Kitt
3) Damien Rice
4) Mundy
5) Glen Hansard

Most Outstanding Irish Band

Glen Hansard of the Frames1) The Frames
2) U2
3) The Jimmy Cake
4) Bell X1
5) Turn

Most Outstanding New Act on Irish Scene

Damien Rice1) Damien Rice
2) The Jimmy Cake
3) Paul O'Reilly
4) Jeff Martin
5) Dudley Corporation
5) The Revs

Most Outstanding Performance on the Stage

1) The Frames
2) U2
3) Damien Rice
4) David Kitt
5) Turn

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