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The CLUAS Annual Readers' Poll 2002

The Results of the Vote

It was a frantic weekend of counting of this year's votes but - finally - we can present the results of the 2002 Annual Readers' Poll. The top 5 in each of the 7 categories are presented below. Thanks to all who voted, there was in fact more votes cast than last year (even if there were again some chancers who tried to vote multiple times, but -  no fear -  the ever vigilant CLUAS electorate panel caught 'em all). So - if someone out there could just cue a drumroll - here do be the results from the CLUAS voting constituency for the year that was 2002...

Most Outstanding Performance in the studio (non-debut)

Mundy '24 Star Hotel'1) Mundy '24 Star Hotel'
2) Jimmy Cake 'Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead'
3) Doves 'The Last Broadcast'
4) Coldplay 'A rush of blood to the head'
5) Sigur Ros '()' (joint 5th)
5) Redneck Manifesto 'Cut your heart off from your head' (joint 5th)

Most Outstanding Performance in the studio (debut)

Damien Rice 'O'1) Damien Rice 'O'
2) Mic Christopher 'Skylarkin'
3) Gemma Hayes 'Night on my side'
4) The Streets ' Original Pirate Material'
5) The Tycho Brae 'This is' (joint 5th)
5) Connect Four Orchestra 'Chisel from the Hip' (joint 5th)

Most Outstanding Female Artist

Gemma Hayes1) Gemma Hayes
2) Nina Hynes
3) Lisa Hannigan
4) Maria Doyle Kennedy
5) Sinead O'Connor

Most Outstanding Male Artist

Damien Rice1) Damien Rice
2) Mic Christopher
3) Mundy
4) David Kitt
5) Glen Hansard / David Gray (joint 5th)

Most Outstanding Irish Band

Glen Hansard of the Frames1) The Frames
2) The Walls
3) U2
4) Turn
5) Redneck Manifesto

Most Outstanding New Act on Irish Scene

1) Mark Geary
2) The Chalets
3) Hi.Rise
4) Stoat / Babelfish (joint 4th)
5) The Tycho Brahe

Most Outstanding Performance on the Stage

1) The Frames
2) Damien Rice
3) The Walls
4) All artists at the 'Skylarkin' launch concert (Vicar Street Nov 29th 2002)
5) Turn

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