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The Frames & Guests

Dublin Castle, May 6, 2002

I guess I was one of the lucky ones to witness a spectacular show by The Frames headlining this years Heineken Green Energy festival, and what a show it was.

Glen Hansard of the Frames

The afternoon was off to a good start, the sun being out for a change and even splitting the rocks at intervals. The gates to Dublin Castle opened at 3pm but with drinks not being served till 6pm the crowd only started to roll in thereafter. Paddy Casey, Bell X1 and Mundy played (in what order i couldn't tell you) to a crowd of hip, bright young things. Things started to liven up with the appearance of Damien Rice who wooed the crowd with 'Volcano', 'Delicate', 'Cannonball' and the now growing classic 'the Blowers daughter' accompanied by the siren voiced Lisa Hannigan; celloist & bassist. The crowd were also treated to Damien coming over all Prince all of a sudden and to Lisa singing a Nina Simone cover like it should be sung.

But it was with a growing restlessness and anticipation that the crowd waited for the appearance of The Frames. What followed can only be described as a sort of homecoming for the band who this time last year were considering chucking it all in for a life more ordinary. The setlist that unfolded was a gargantuan affair that had the band playing for almost 2 hours straight with songs from 'For the Birds' featuring heavily, not to mention some dips into 'Dance the Devil' and 'Fitzcarraldo'.

Glen and the boys were clearly in top form and loving playing to an appreciative audience in a venue that clearly meant a lot to them. Highlights included an acoustic 'Disapponted', the forthcoming single 'Headlong', the crowd pleaser 'Revelate' , 'Rent day blues' which had the audience singing Kool and the Gang, and the raw energy that is 'Santa Maria' played live and loud.

Tribute was also payed to Mic Christopher with 'Kids' song' and 'Heyday' (a version of the latter you will find on the 'Headlong' single). Song after song rolled into each other as a riot helicopter circled overhead blended with an excerpt of 'Two little boys'... By the time The Pixies' 'Debaser' was in full swing a roadie was sweeping around the band on stage (hint hint go home) but Glen's ma was in the crowd & he was having the time of his life. A seeping 'Red chord' provided the finale and the crowd left being dragged out by their heels... It's only May but for those of you unfortunates who didn't make it to Dublin castle you may just have missed the gig of the year.