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Free downloads of songs by over 40 Irish bands (WMA & MP3 formats)

Yeah, in this part of the site it's been very simple: Since August 1999 has been bringing you not just reviews of indie rock albums and indie music concerts (including concerts in Vicar Street and in Whelan's), some of Ireland's best music blogs but also new Irish music in the shape of free WMA & MP3 downloads from over 40 unsigned and emerging acts. We were the first website in Ireland to offer such a programme for unsigned acts, years before some Apple marketing guru dreamt up the word "iPod". 

We are pleased to continue providing the WMA and MP3s by the acts who have featured in this section since we launched the service over 5 years ago. Just choose an act from the list below and follow the instructions of how to download their free song. Some of the acts have split up since they were first featured here, and some are still going. But in either case we are sure you will like what you hear!

Download free songs NOW by these Irish bands: