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John Shelly and the CreaturesJohn Shelly and the Creatures are on the crest of a wave, garnering much momentum, having an Ireland- and UK-wide TV add use one of their fine tunes and having just sold out Whelans on the day of rest...surely its time for the masses to embrace Ireland's answer to Wilco...well? Sig Doherty catchs up with the 'Creatures mid-tour?

How are you and where are you?

Good thanks! Just sitting in a car on the way down to the Spirit Store in Dundalk munching on Percy Pigs.

NITB using 'Long May You Reign' for its TV advert: how did this come about? (One of you guys give brochures out to Spanish and German backpackers one summer?)

It all came about when we were contacted by Promotion Company Bruised Fruit who told us that the Advert Company were interested in using the track. Next thing we knew...we were on the telly! ..doesnt get much more interesting than that I’m afraid!

With 2007's fine EP Big Day Out spawning first single 'Angeline' and now the success of 'Long May You Reign', when will we see the first, and it this stage, very highly anticipated long play?
Well we are working on tracks at the moment. We don’t want to rush anything. We’re of the opinion that we would like to have time to gather together an album that we’d be completely happy with. At the moment we are just too busy to give that our full attention so we may be looking at the end of the summer to go into the studio. I’m sure there will be another single in the mean time though!

What has inspired the album elect?

We’ll tell you that come August. At the moment we are all listening to a lot of Fleet Foxes, Mogwai, Velvet Underground, Quasi and most recently a lot of Frank Sinatra. Wings has been on the stereo a lot too... they are only the band the Beatles could have been. :)

With half the band from the north, and half from the south, how did JS and the C's evolve into what we see take the stage?

We all met in Queens University studying Music Technology. Walter and Phil have known each other for years and had recorded a demo of a track called 'Blinded and Cross' (possibly our next single). We got talking to Kev our drummer one day and had a jam in a rehearsal space. Ger came along then after we heard one of his demos on Myspace which turned out to be 'Long May You Reign'.

With your heads in a spin with the recent surge in interest, surely you're now seeing a few labels batting their eye lashes and showing a little leg? Or are you keen to keep on the DIY route?

We have had some interest lately and have been talking to a few labels. Its all a bit strange at the moment with the current climate so noone really knows whats happening. We have a publishing deal with Big Life Music which is fantastic so we’ve seen a bit of side boob so far.

With the success of other local acts like ASIWYFA shaking folk up, Therapy?, like a phoenix from the flames, releasing a new blinder, the likes of Fighting with Wire and Duke Special , the growth of the Glasgowbury Festival, these are exciting times for the local music scene....what is floating the 'Creatures boat music-wise at the moment? what is the last act you got really excited about?

Will we just make a list? Ok.. The Good Fight, Panama Kings , ASIWYFA, Escape Act, Cashier NO.9.. the list could go on and on. The sheer volume of talent up here is astounding. I think if the music industry wasn’t in such bad shape all these bands would have been snapped up by now.

With a 101 summer music festivals to choose from, will we be seeing John Shelly and the Creatures play at any?

We really hope so! We are definitely aiming for it so watch this space! If any promoters out there want us to play please do get in touch!

Many thanks men, and the very best of luck!

John Shelly and the Creatures fine fine music can be enjoyed at the following locations, go slay:

John Shelly and the Creatures can be found causing beautiful chaos in the following locations

31 March 2009: Auntie Annies, Belfast
01 April 2009: Spirit Store, Dundalk
02 April 2009: The Limelight, Belfast
30 May 2009: Spring and Airbrake, Belfast
09 Jul 2009: Waterfront Hall (Trans Festival), Belfast


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