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Dubliners Caruso are preparing to embark on a European tour and recently signed a European publishing deal. Since the release of their debut album, 2007's The Watcher and The Comet, they’ve been going from strength to strength with their affecting acoustic melodies. Front man Shane O’ Fearghail answered the following questions for me..


Many musicians find recording an album, particularly their debut, a challenging and draining experience. Did this prove to be true to you during the recording of The Watcher and the Comet?

Recording The Watcher And The Comet was an amazing experience. It was challenging and it did take a lot out of me but it also brought an energy that was all its own. That creative spark that you get when you are in a studio. In the flow... a flow that drives you and keeps you going... so much so that food and sleep go out the window! The album was recorded in three one week sessions over three months and three full moons. It captured everthing that it was supposed to and a lot more besides!

Some of your songs appear to be about specific people, are these people aware you've written songs about them or do you prefer not to let them know?

Yes and no. It is not something that I would have ever thought about. The songs are written from a personal standpoint and have no agenda bar understanding how I feel about me, about life or things that keep my attention. They would be my observations...

If you had to pick one song off "The Watcher and the Comet" and urge everyone to listen to it, what would it be and why?

There are several in fact. "All Your Features", "Disappear" and "Satellite" would always spring to mind. "All Your Features" because it deals with the true face we hide a lot of the time and how as people we can never truly say what we mean or how we feel. "Satellite" because it is a song for personality. To express yourself. To stand up and counted!

What are your plans for your next album? Have you begun writing any new songs for it?

The next album is well and truly underway. We have demo'd most of the tracks and are almost at the cut stage - as to what tracks will make the album sessions. It's an exciting time and very different to The Watcher sessions. A lot of the songs are being written in the studio. Some of the songs have been written between the two albums whilst others written in preparation for the new sessions! I am writing constantly.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Irish writers and those who write strong songs. People who are not afraid to write about the subjects that people shy away from. Good melodies. There is no 'one' influence. It would have to be the 'song' itself!

What's been your best experience in Caruso in 2009?

Our European Tour 2009.

And what are Caruso's plans for 2010?

More European tours, festivals and the new album. Pushing Caruso in new European territories notably Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Hopefully get to New Zealand for an acoustic tour.

Aideen O'Flaherty

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